The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada aims to reveal the truth about the history and the ongoing legacy of Canada’s residential schools, and to guide a healing process of reconciliation among Canadians based on inclusion, mutual understanding, and respect.


What is hopes to be a centre for discussing the 94 Calls to Action created by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and foster a dialogue that is accessible to all Canadians about our shared and individual responsibilities in moving this process forward. We recognize the vitality of open and honest dialogue in reconciliation and hope that the resources provided can illuminate the 94 Calls to Action put forth in the TRC and serve as a starting place for those important conversations about them. Our target audience is all of Canadian society: Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, educators, activists, industry leaders, journalists, researchers, civil society and policy-makers.


TRCtalk is a centre for dialogue between all Canadians working together for truth and reconciliation.