Call to Action #68


68. We all upon the federal government, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, and the Canadian Museums Association to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017 by establishing a dedicated national funding program for commemoration projects on the theme of reconciliation.


The 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation will undoubtedly hold Aboriginal consultation, involvement and participation. However, recommendation sixty-eight asks that one of the major themes beyond aboriginal historic and cultural representation should embody the theme of reconciliation. A funding program created by the federal government in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples and the Canadian Museum’s Association focused on the theme of reconciliation for the 150th anniversary would be a positive opportunity to solidify reconciliation on a national stage, marking and event that would not only celebrate the nations past but while acknowledging tragedy in a purposeful way, it would also mark steps in progress towards serious reconciliation. The Committee Report for Canada’s 150th Anniversary in 2017 on the Parliament of Canada website, as of right now has no mention of reconciliation as a theme on the agenda at all. There are a number of points where aboriginal history and culture are addressed but not in laments terms to tackle reconciliation specifically. One of the themes brought to light in the report touches on Canada’s future, “is it an opportunity to think about the Canada of tomorrow?” With this funding program and a real emphasis on the process of reconciliation and a serious commitment displayed through actions of this anniversary including collaboration with the CMA and Aboriginal peoples, this could potentially be a positive and impactful event in Canadian history. This is hugely important for all Canadian citizens, including Aboriginal people because the new Liberal government will have to further consult the public to gather a sense of how all Canadians should be represented and how.


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Compiled by: Emily Macleod

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