Call to Action #25



25. We call upon the federal government to establish a written policy that reaffirms the independence of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate crimes in which the government has its own interest as a potential or real party in civil litigation.


The government of Canada has not been the greatest to the Aboriginal community. An example of this is when the Labour Standards Act is Nunavut being exempt from the Labour Standards Act. 


“The Government of Nunavut is exempt from the Labour Standards Act and therefor the Labour Standards Officer cannot receive or investigate the Government Departments” – Bill Riddell.


Last time I checked the Inuit people have been here longer than anyone from Europe and  should be protected by the Labour Standards Act just like the rest of Canada. It is unfair that the majority of people living in Nunavut are dealing with mistreatment.


 The Labour Standards Act is meant to protect workers. If Inuit people cannot be protected by this act how are they supposed to work in a healthy and safe environment. The RCMP should investigate to make sure that Inuit people are being treated the same at work as every other Canadian.


If Aboriginal people are not able to work in safe environments then it result in poor health issues that can also create difficult social environments. Labour Standard laws not being enforced in Nunavut is another example of colonialism and we need to make sure that it is a practice which is no longer committed. It is important to make sure the Inuit are protected.


The Labour Standards act is just one example of how the government has treated the Aboriginal community poorly and this is why the RCMP should investigate. They should find the answer as to why those in Nunavut are not protected under this act.


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Compiled By: Matt Thibeau


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