Call to Action #33


33. We call upon the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to recognize as a high priority the need to address and prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and to develop, in collaboration with Aboriginal people, FASD preventive programs that can be delivered in a culturally appropriate manner.


One big reason this is a problem in Aboriginal communities is because of “colonialism” –John Houston.

                  Colonialism has cast long last effects on the Aboriginal communities such as bad drinking water, over crowded housing and just poor living conditions. These all contributed to FASD. Recommendation 33 can be related to recommendation 35 and the need for healing centers in Aboriginal communities (especially the north). If Aboriginal people are drinking alcohol it is hard for them to find help. In link below you will see how all it takes for a person to get help is to talk to one person. If we create awareness on this issue it might be easier for Aboriginal to talk about their addiction and get help. If the government were to create programs that involved going on the land this could help FASD. Getting people on the land with an elder can help someone with an alcohol addiction. If more healing centers with elders working in them were available to Aboriginal people and so they had someone to talk to we would see a decrease in FASD. Nature is so important for the healing process. If an Aboriginal person was arrested for public intoxication instead of throwing them in the drunk tank and giving them a fine every time. Another solution would be to set them up with an elder who can bring them on a nature experience which has been proven to help heal.  

                  For some people it is hard to see that they have an addiction and they might be scared to talk. If the government can bring awareness and build healing centers it might be easier for people talk about their problems and reduce FASD problems.  


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