Call to Action #39


39. We call upon the federal government to develop a national plan to collect and publish data on the criminal victimization of Aboriginal people, including data related to homicide and family violence victimization


We ask the government to gather statistics and information to show the criminal victimization of Aboriginal peoples.
-A study showed that from 1980 to 2012, more than 1,000 Canadian aboriginal women were murdered, according to the RCMP. Aboriginal women make up 16% of female murder victims, and 12 per cent of missing women. Despite these percentages, aboriginal peoples combined, only make up 4 per cent of the Canadian population.
– Aboriginals make up more than 23 per cent of the inmates in Canada’s federal prisons.
– The novel “Birdie” by Tracy Lindberg is a great example of how Aboriginal people are treated by the government, and what lengths they go to in order improve quality of life.
– This recommendation is key in improving the mistreatment of aboriginal peoples in Canadian society, as well as future regulation of their gross over-representation in jail.
– Data collection on these subject would help push the government towards action by showing them aboriginal peoples current experiences in Canadian society specifically emphasizing crime and mistreatment. Publishing this data and making it more widely accessible would in hope, force action related to improvement of family violence and victimization. 


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