Call to Action #4

4. We call upon the federal government to enact Aboriginal child-welfare legislation that establishes national standards for Aboriginal child apprehension and custody cases and includes principles that:

i. Affirm the right of Aboriginal governments to establish and maintain their own child-welfare agencies.

ii. Require all child-welfare agencies and courts to take the residential school legacy into account in their decision making.

iii. Establish, as an important priority, a requirement that placements of Aboriginal children into temporary and permanent care be culturally appropriate.


Verify that governments at all levels ratify legislation which ensures a particular set standard for the care of Aboriginal children, and that this legislation involves an understanding regarding the circumstances in which Aboriginal children may be apprehended, as well as for custody cases.


The following principles would be included:


  1. The legislation would allow Aboriginal governments to have jurisdiction over their own child-welfare institutions.
  2. Confirm that all child-welfare groups take in to consideration the impact and effect of residential schools when making decisions
  3. Verify that care facilities be culturally appropriate for all Aboriginal children

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