Call to Action #66


66. We call upon the federal government to establish multi-year funding for community-based youth organizations to deliver programs on reconciliation, and establish a national network to share information and best practices.


“A knowledge of history leads to understanding, and understanding leads to respect. Reconciliation follows.” – Justice Murray Sinclair”


One of the most necessary ways we can create a better future for aboriginals is by providing supportive education and organizations.The implementation of aboriginal support groups and national networks will address this need through educate youth in aboriginal affairs and connect people all over the country. Within Canada 30% of off-reserve aboriginals fail out of high school, 58% of on-reserve fail out, and a total of 70% fail out in the province of Manitoba. These numbers are staggering especially when comparison to the 10% drop-out rate of non-aboriginal Canadians. Another factor to consider is that the employment rate of First Nations without a high school education is just 25%, with a median annual  income of just $12,000. For this recommendation to truly  succeed, Canada needs to do a better job in the public education sector by creating a more successful and motivating environment for First Nations students; to make them want to succeed and break away from age old trends.


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