Call to Action #90


We call upon the federal government to ensure that national sports policies, programs, and initiatives are inclusive of Aboriginal peoples, including, but not limited to, establishing:

i. In collaboration with provincial and territorial governments, stable funding for, and access to, community sports programs that reflect the diverse cultures and traditional sporting activities of Aboriginal peoples.
ii. An elite athlete development program for Aboriginal athletes.
iii. Programs for coaches, trainers, and sports officials that are culturally relevant for Aboriginal peoples.
iv. Anti-racism awareness and training programs.



To understand this recommendation people need to know that many programs in indigenous communities are highly underfunded including those for sports. This is because the government give vary little funding for such things causing children in indigenous communities to lose out on the chance to play sports. This is important to all Canadians because we always talk about how all children deserve the chance to play  sports and now if our government act on this recommendation then indigenous children will get to play as well.








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Compiled by : Jacinda Solomon

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