Call to Action #91



We call upon the officials and host countries of international sporting events such as the Olympics, Pan Am, and Commonwealth games to ensure that Indigenous peoples’ territorial protocols are respected, and local Indigenous communities are engaged in all aspects of planning and participating in such events.


In order for this to happen the government would have to reach out to Indigenous communities and build a relationship with them. So as to welcome them to these sporting events. This would be done by the government acknowledging that they have been miss treating Indigenous communities and ignoring what goes on within them or as in regards to D^2 they need to stop turning a blind eye. This is important to all of Canada because if we want to build a better future for generations to come then we fully embrace who we are as a country and that means  correcting the governments mistakes on how they treated indigenous peoples. Canada claims to be a multicultural country but how can we be when our own government refuses to work with indigenous peoples who lived on this land long before us?



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Compiled by: Jacinda Solomon

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